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As I tell my clients, the alternative to not paying taxes is grim.  Knowing what their taxes are in advance and managing them is the key.

"Ron has done wonders for our business. He's really brought us up-to-date with our accounting practices. He's not like any accountant I've ever worked with. He actually speaks in terms we can understand. He's accessible, very knowledgeable, and he wants to help make sure we're successful."
                                      Bill Moore
                                      Bill Moore & Co.

"Ron does our taxes and everything connected with it. He shows us how we can save money and be more tax wise. I've always been satisfied with his work, and I expect a lot from my people, so that's saying something."
                                     Imogene Sanders
                                     Lakeland Drum Service, Inc.

"Ron Marshall is one of those rare accountants that actually gives me straight answers. I find him very proactive and comprehensive in his approach and he matches the technical expertise with a real feel for what entrepreneurs need. "
                                     Joe Schwartz

"I have known Ron for many years. He has always treated our clients with 100 percent integrity, accuracy and professionalism. We continue to recommend him and his company to our clients."
                                     Bob Prue, CLU
                                     Prue & Associates

"Ron handles both my business and personal accounting needs. He's very experienced, knowledgeable and professional. He takes time to share his knowledge and experience with other companies to help us grow our business. I've worked with four other accountants in my career, but none as long as Ron. He's been advising us since the early '90s. I get more individual attention from him than I have with any other accountant.
                                     Dr. Charles Bennett
                                     Shady Palms Retirement Homes, Inc.

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